Bliss: Digital Nostalgia (2016)

video game documentation/walk-through

in collaboration with Layla Fassa

In 2014, Microsoft decided to stop supporting the Windows XP system, which was released in 2001, and created a short documentary film on the making of the famous default wallpaper of Windows XP--a photo named “Bliss,” taken in 1996, in Sonoma County, California. While the actual green hill in North California has changed greatly, now covered with grapevines, the digital image of remains intact in cyberspace. Bliss is an attempt to reconstruct a lost landscape in a digital environment, and an effort to connect personal as well as collective memory with images that are inherently digital. It asks the questions: How will a digital image corrupt? How do we forget? And what does memory, a word now conflates with the computer storage and the “save” option in video games, mean in a time like this?